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Marketing Analytics and Insights Solution

Marketing Analytics and Insights Solution

The Marketing Digital Analytics and Insights Solution provides Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Digital Officers a single, powerful, inutitive solution to manage all marketing and brand analytics.  The solution includes;

  • Integrated social media data from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • Integrated web performance data including advanced tag data 

  • EDM performance data 

  • Digital advertising performance data

  • Catalogue data for retailers 

  • Press and radio performance data

  • Brand awareness data

  • Customer survey data 

  • Persona models 

  • External feed data; ABS, socio-economic, weather

Enterprise Performance Management Solution

The Enterprise Performance Management Solution provides Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers and Chief Operating Officers a single source of truth to track and analyse your business across your Key Performance Measures.  The solution includes;

  • Establish and maintain Value Driver Tree (VDT) metrics and targets. i.e. Customer Growth, Customer Experience, Finances etc 

  • Board and Executive Scorecards 

  • Operational Scorecards

  • Automated board reports of VDT including management comments 

  • Automated executive and management reports of VDT

  • Real-time insights and analytics across all dimensions of the VDT

  • Intuitive user experience on Mobile and Desktop

Enterprise Performance Management Solution
Disability Care Analytics Solution

Disability Care Analytics Solution

The Disability Care Analytics Solution provides disability care service providers with visibility and advanced analysis of all the operational and strategic information required to successfully manage a disability care business.  The solution contains;

  • NDIS performance

  • Labour costs and utilisation

  • Overhead costs 

  • Clinical care data (Riskman and other sources)

  • Financial P&L management

  • Customer service delivery performance

  • Operational performance

  • Brand awareness 

Retail - Advanced Basket Insights Solution

The Advanced Basket Insights Solution for retailers provides deep insights into which products are purchased together to enable you to optimise store layouts, marketing campaigns and supplier purchasing.  The solution contains;

  • Analysis by any product hierachy attribute. i.e. category, sub-category 

  • Analysis by any store hierachy attribute. i.e store type, state, area  

  • Over and undex product performance analysis 

  • Basket size analysis overlay on product and store categories 

  • Comp product analysis 

  • Campaign performance uplift analysis 

  • SureFire POS ready

Retail - Advanced Basket Insights Solution
Customer Churn Analysis Solution

Customer Churn Analysis Solution

Do you want to understand which customers are a high risk of churning?  Are some cohorts or customer locations more at risk than others?  

Our Customer Insights Platform and churn algorithms can inform your understanding of who is at risk and what the next best action should be.  

The more data you have the more accurate the model becomes and the greater the value you generate.


Wholesale Retail - Insights and Performance Analytics Solution

The Wholesale Retail Solution for wholesalers provides retail performance analysis and critical insights into Open To Buy (OTB), Customer Performance and Cash Flow;

  • Customer performance 

  • Open to buy

  • Cashflow analysis

  • Daily stock movement analysis 

  • Multi-currency ready 

Wholesale Retail - Insights and Performance Analytics Solution

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